Serve Howard County and the World


Jesus said that his followers were the Salt and the Light of the world. It is our hope that Harvest would be a catalyst to help you make an impact to not just improve the world but to redeem the world with the power of the gospel!

We are still in the process of listening to and learning about our community in order to serve them but through various means we are committed to being a church that impacts the world for Christ. Here are ways we would love for you to help us serve your community.

  1. Pray for 1-2 non-Christians God’s has placed in your life.
  2. Get involved in outreach opportunities that will come up in our Home Groups.
  3. Help serve in future community outreach activities that we will sponsor.
  4. Prayerfully consider hosting a child through safe families.
  5. Volunteer your time to serve the needy in your neighborhood, community (outside of Harvest).


  1. Pray for the un-reached people of the world.
  2. Actively engage with the partnership we will develop with a local church in Haiti (through World Orphan), in our efforts to reach and serve the poor and the powerless (orphans).
  3. Seriously consider future mission trips to Haiti as God opens the door for us to reach them with the gospel.
  4. Prayerfully look how God leads you and your family to make a global difference with your lives, and respond to that voice.



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