Thoughts based on Hebrews 3

To fully understand Hebrews 3 you have to use logic 101. Jesus > Moses. Moses = faithful servant over God’s house. Moses was humble, and he was true to the message God gave him about the things that were to be spoken about later. Yet God’s people not only rejected his message, they rejected him. They hardened their hearts and provoked God’s patience. Because they did, they wandered in the wilderness for forty years and were banished from entering into God’s rest. If Jesus > Moses, then rejecting Jesus > rejecting Moses. If rejecting Jesus > rejecting Moses, then God’s wrath for rejecting Jesus > rejecting Moses.

A whole generation experienced the Passover and yet none of them (except Joshua and Caleb) were allowed to enter into God’s rest. They fell away from their confidence and hope. It doesn’t mean that we will see none of them in heaven (Moses was not allowed to enter the land). What it symbolized and foreshadowed was the absolute nature of God’s awesome wrath for those who do not finish what they start.

Falling away from God may be a momentary lapse of faith (even if it stretches for years), but it may also be proof that the one who has fallen away never truly believed. This is a message that Hebrews will elaborate in the coming chapters. It is a message that we all need to take to heart.


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