Thoughts based on Hebrews 2

Think about it for a second. If you were God (stay with me) and you had a choice to redeem either angels or humans, who would you pick? The Bible says that two thirds of all the angels in heaven were confronted by Satan’s temptations and schemes, but instead of following him they rejected his offer, turned away from sin and stayed faithful to God. On the other hand no human has ever turned away from sin. Angels are powerful, faithful and can accomplish incredible things for the glory of God. Humans are weak, inconsistent, and even on our best day we cannot help but diminish God’s glory. When Jesus appeared as a common man, even the fallen angels not only immediately recognized who he was, they paid him the appropriate homage and fear. When Jesus rose from the dead and demonstrated the extent of his glory, even those who believe in Him-at times-acted and lived like he did nothing.

If God were making a business decision there is no question what he would have done. He would have sent His Son to redeem the fallen angels, and laid the rest of us off. It’s that simple. But God didn’t do that. Instead of helping the angels, He decided to help us …double minded, inconsistent, needy, self centered, forgetful, unappreciative, ungracious, lazy…and that doesn’t even include the things we were before we were saved! It just doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t make sense why God would be mindful of us, why He would even care about us, let alone care for us. Not to the Psalmist, not to the author of Hebrews, not to the angels, and not even to us.

It only makes sense to God. It made so much sense that He sent Jesus to be human in every respect…to be a propitiation for us, to suffer and die, in order to save us.

This is something we must pay closer attention to. I don’t think we realize just how good we have it…we don’t realize just how lucky we are that it made perfect sense to God.


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