Thoughts based on Hebrews 1

Yesterday was Father’s Day (entry was originally written 6/16), a day to appreciate and celebrate Fathers for all they do for us. I guess it’s appropriate for us to consider today Son’s Day. It’s not such a silly idea if you think about what the writer of Hebrews is saying about Jesus. Essentially he’s saying that Jesus is simply greater. He’s greater than anything and everything; greater than any prophet, greater than any prophecy, greater than any revelation, he’s greater than any angel, greater than any ruler etc. Jesus is greater because Jesus is God’s very own Son.

The Son is the object of the Father’s affection, he is the object of the angels’ worship; he will defeat all his enemies, ascend to the throne and rule all creation forever.

As much as God loves you. As much as He has great thoughts about you because you are his creation, it does not even come close to the thoughts He has for His Son. He is the apple of the Father’s eye. He is the Father’s jewel, His treasure. As we begin reading through this Christologically saturated book, let’s do more than just learn more about what Christ did. Let’s make Jesus the apple of our eye. Let’s make Jesus our jewel, our treasure, and allow him to rule over our hearts.


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